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Our Annual Dinner on Saturday, January 7th was an outstanding event held at the Moose Lake Depot and catered by the Rustic Diner in Barnum, MN.  Lots of prizes and laughs along the way.
 The next few things on the calendar or the Easter Egg Hunt on April 15th and the Business Expo on April 22nd.  If you want more information on either just email me at

Moose Lake, MN is known as the "Agate Capital of the World" and is home to the world's largest agate on record weighing in at 108 pounds. This is kept on display at the First National Bank of Moose Lake. Every year we host the 'Agate Days' celebration which includes the "Agate Stampede". Two dump trucks empty loads of rock mixed with agates and hundreds of dollars in quarters down Elm Avenue. Thousands of people line up along the two block street and wait for the cannon to boom signaling the start of the stampede. 

The mission of the Moose Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is to encourage business promotion, development and growth in the communities of Moose Lake and the surrounding areas as well as support efforts of expansion and revitalization of our communities.

Here is a link to a story done by WDIO-WIRT in Duluth about the Annual Agate Days Festival:
Also, Fox 21 KQDS did a story, watch it here:
Always held the 3rd weekend of July each summer, next summer the AGATE DAYS FESTIVAL will be JULY 15-16, 2017


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